About TIERRAS del Condado

Berries production, a family tradition

Tierras del Condado SL is a family company that was born in the middle 80’s. It has a long history in the production and commercialization of Berries, on both ground and hydroponic systems. We have modern facilities and a warehouse located on our estate. Every year, through research, innovation and investment, we improve and adapt our facilities and our production technics to the changes that the Berries sector and the international market demand. Our goal is to offer Berries of the highest quality, using the best agricultural practices and producing the varieties that guarantee the greatest flavour and the longest shelf live. We are a family business that has grown progressively in the last decades, basing our development on sustainability, good agricultural management and responsibility focused on the natural environment and the human factor involved in our production system. We are committed to the production of Berries and to each of our customers. We produce delicious and healthy fruit under the strictest international standards that ensure the quality and safety of these wonderful fruits.

Tierras del Condado is one of the companies integrated in FRUTA DE ANDALUCÍA, a cooperative society that was born at the end of 2014 of the union of producers of the agricultural sector of the province of Huelva who decided to join to reach the traditional and emerging markets. FRUTA DE ANDALUCÍA is one of the leading companies in the production and commercialization of berries thanks to its 1,200 hectares of production and sales of 100 million euros. Berries produced by Tierras del Condado and sold and exported by FRUTA DE ANDALUCÍA reach more than 30 countries.